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Doing and not doing (a meditation)

What have I been doing, well I went on a longish trip and got totally out of the blogging spirit.That combined with a terrible run of Internet connection issues (ongoing, ugh) has made it very difficult to get back into the swing of things. But new years bring new beginnings. I learned a lot on […]

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Oh for the simple life

On two occasions in my recent past I have had to life out of a suitcase for an extended period of time. Not fun, I’m on a holiday living out of a suitcase. Falling and breaking my ankle and leg so badly that I was disabled and was not allowed to live on my own. […]

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What are you doing to make things better?

Better than what you may ask. Better than they are right now. Better than you are right now. We can all get better. We do it naturally sometimes consciously. We do it automatically with the things that reward us in some way. It’s the ‘in some way’ that gets us. Because even the things we […]

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