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April: Letting go update

Well April is almost over and I’ve not done as much writing as I had planned, so from that perspective, it’s not been a good month. One of the ways that writers procrastinate is by thinking through their stories, and imagining they have made progress. At least that’s one of the ways this writer procrastinates. […]

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Advice to share

Two bits of advice from the past have come to mind lately. Thought I’d share them and see what others think. ‘The worse things get, the more you need to laugh.’ ‘Never miss an opportunity to tell people you love them’. A bit of advice I’m giving myself just now, is something I read recently […]

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Non-fiction as engaging as any novel? Yes it can be!

Behind the Beautiful Forevers, non-fiction as engaging as any novel? Posted on September 5, 2013by thecatsbowwow More so! Because in Behind the Beautiful Forevers: Life, Death, and Hope in a Mumbai Undercity Katherine Boo has given voice to real people that most people won’t ever get a chance to hear. She takes you to Annawadi, a place you may not have […]

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