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Even the smallest harvest is cause for wonder

While people in the north prepare their soil and lick their lips in anticipation of the tomatoes, peaches and other summer delights on the horizon, we in the south are getting ready by planting sturdy, cold weather crops to comfort us in the short dark days and long nights of winter. A few weeks ago […]

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No cost way to fight hunger

There’s an interesting conversation going on at Good, about Fighting the Food Waste in Your Own Fridge I find it fascinating and inspiring because it’s something that almost anyone can do. And you can recycle your savings by donating the amount you save to a local food bank or your favourite hunger fighting charity. Here […]

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Satisfaction guaranteed, one pot at a time

I was reading Courtney Leeds’ article about gardening and schools on Good this morning. I know most Victorian schools have a little patch of green for kids to learn a bit about where food comes from and to get their hands dirty growing something they can eat. From one window at work I can see […]

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