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I’m back….

No, I’m not turning into a nightmare inducing horror film, I’m just happy that I finally (cross fingers, knock on wood, rub rabbit’s foot) have stable Internet connection. So I’m back to writing here on this and my other blogs. I’d like to say that my time with intermittent (at best) Internet access was spent […]

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April: Letting go update

Well April is almost over and I’ve not done as much writing as I had planned, so from that perspective, it’s not been a good month. One of the ways that writers procrastinate is by thinking through their stories, and imagining they have made progress. At least that’s one of the ways this writer procrastinates. […]

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When fluff isn’t enough

There’s lots of fluff on the Internet, you know, frothy fun. Light weight, candy floss, sweet but without substance. And like candy floss too much of it can dull your senses. Or your sensibility. Brain Pickings is the opposite of fluff,  but it’s not all serious and it’s not nose in the air pomposity. It’s “a […]

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Tea, glorious tea

It’s hot, Hot, HOT here in Melbourne today and I’m hydrating myself with one of my current favourite ice teas made with Twinings Lemon and Ginger herbal infusion. I highly recommend herbal infusions instead of black tea for newcomers to iced tea. Especially for those who drink their hot tea with milk. Never, ever drink […]

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Fleece existing customers, best prices for new, links in the same chain

I read an article in the Herald Sun this week while waiting for a coffee. (Yes, I’m a newspaper snob and only read the Herald Sun when someone else has paid for it). The subject of the article: How existing customers are being ripped off by power companies who favour new customers with enticing deals, […]

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The most profound advice for lifting your spirit

I can’t over emphasise this enough. This is the most profound advice you will ever receive about lifting your own spirits. It is not, I must add a remedy for depression. Depression is not being down in the dumps or sad about something that has happened in your world. Depression is something else entirely. This […]

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Today, tomorrow and the next day

Today is the second day of  three weeks of annual leave. It’s been a while since I’ve had more than a week off, so I’ve been anticipating it for a while. The first question people ask though, is ‘Are you going away?’. Well, yes I’m going away from work. But I’m not leaving home. The […]

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Refreshing, inexpensive and did I mention refreshing?

In spring I wrote here about how as the weather grows warmer I always drink more tea and less coffee. Now that summer is in full swing in Melbourne I’m delighting in the refreshing properties of tea. Hot tea and cold. And my new favourite strong herbal tea mixed half and half with soda water. […]

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What’s happening

In the next few weeks I will be migrating content from my previous blogs at word press . com to this new location. I will be consolidating posts from A vagabond life for me and The Cat’s Bow Wow. My travel writing will eventuallyt be moved to my new Vagabond Gal domain. I hope you […]

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How to you start a journey

  Although most people think of the quote, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”, some modern translators believe that Lau Tzu’s actual words would more accurately be translated as “The journey of a thousand miles begins beneath one’s feet.” I like that because it emphasises the inner intention. The start […]

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