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I’m back….

No, I’m not turning into a nightmare inducing horror film, I’m just happy that I finally (cross fingers, knock on wood, rub rabbit’s foot) have stable Internet connection. So I’m back to writing here on this and my other blogs. I’d like to say that my time with intermittent (at best) Internet access was spent […]

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Those who can…can

No, this isn’t going to be about dancing the CanCan, but a reflection on the old saying, ‘Those who can, do. Those who can’t teach….or its many variations. First, teaching should never be disparaged. It’s a noble profession and teachers are the unsung heroes of many lives. My thoughts were sparked by a statement in […]

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Letting go, challenge 1 complete

My first challenge in my Year of Letting Go is complete. I’ve learnt some things about making myself more efficient and reclaiming time in my work and personal days. I can’t say that every minute I’ve reclaimed has been put to good use in my personal life. Still spend a bit too much time gazing […]

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Milestone update: letting go

I’m well and truly done with letting go. Of superfluous email newsletters that is.   I achieved my goal of reducing unwanted email newsletters and other regular inbox downers by half in both my personal and work life. It’s made my daily life easier and it sparked a new approach to signing up for new […]

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What are you doing to make things better?

Better than what you may ask. Better than they are right now. Better than you are right now. We can all get better. We do it naturally sometimes consciously. We do it automatically with the things that reward us in some way. It’s the ‘in some way’ that gets us. Because even the things we […]

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When fluff isn’t enough

There’s lots of fluff on the Internet, you know, frothy fun. Light weight, candy floss, sweet but without substance. And like candy floss too much of it can dull your senses. Or your sensibility. Brain Pickings is the opposite of fluff,  but it’s not all serious and it’s not nose in the air pomposity. It’s “a […]

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100 Happy Days

Happiness is all around us but it’s sometimes celebrated more as a memory than when it is happening to you. It’s almost as if we’re trained to see our present woes, but to reflect on past pleasures. Maybe it’s superstition, avoiding the evil eye. What ever the reason, I wan’t to turn that habit on […]

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Half way in, progress report

In Letting Go, I wrote about my first challenge in a year in which I plan to challenge myself again and again. I started small. Challenge 1 is clearing my in boxes of excessive email, more particularly newsletters about things that used to interest me, but no which longer catch my fancy. I’ve been pleased […]

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Maintaining the mellow

I took a three week break from work recently. I could do that because I live in the Lucky Country (Australia) and we have sensible and humane holiday (vacation) leave provisions. So I could afford to take three weeks and do nothing. I really didn’t ‘do nothing’ (more about what I did do, later in […]

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Letting go

Earlier in the year I wrote about resolutions as a way of predicting the future. I also committed to regular posts and a thematic editorial calendar of sorts. I say ‘of sorts’ because this blog is necessarily more ‘of the moment’ than my other blog (Vagabond Gal). One month in and I’ve established one thematic grouping […]

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