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Things anyone can do to make a difference

I’m back….

No, I’m not turning into a nightmare inducing horror film, I’m just happy that I finally (cross fingers, knock on wood, rub rabbit’s foot) have stable Internet connection. So I’m back to writing here on this and my other blogs. I’d like to say that my time with intermittent (at best) Internet access was spent […]

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April: Letting go update

Well April is almost over and I’ve not done as much writing as I had planned, so from that perspective, it’s not been a good month. One of the ways that writers procrastinate is by thinking through their stories, and imagining they have made progress. At least that’s one of the ways this writer procrastinates. […]

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April – May Letting Go Challenge

My first challenge in my Year of Letting Go is complete. I’ve learnt some things about making myself more efficient and reclaiming time in my work and personal days. But that was Feb-March, and it’s now about to be April and it’s time to pick my new letting go challenge. This exercise in letting go […]

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Letting go, challenge 1 complete

My first challenge in my Year of Letting Go is complete. I’ve learnt some things about making myself more efficient and reclaiming time in my work and personal days. I can’t say that every minute I’ve reclaimed has been put to good use in my personal life. Still spend a bit too much time gazing […]

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Happiness, it’s happening

I’ve taken the 100 days of happiness challenge and I’ve found that it does make a difference in my day to stop and say this thing made me happy. I’m not sure if that surprises me or not. According to the experts making an effort to notice what makes you happy does make you happier. […]

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Milestone update: letting go

I’m well and truly done with letting go. Of superfluous email newsletters that is.   I achieved my goal of reducing unwanted email newsletters and other regular inbox downers by half in both my personal and work life. It’s made my daily life easier and it sparked a new approach to signing up for new […]

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What are you doing to make things better?

Better than what you may ask. Better than they are right now. Better than you are right now. We can all get better. We do it naturally sometimes consciously. We do it automatically with the things that reward us in some way. It’s the ‘in some way’ that gets us. Because even the things we […]

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100 Happy Days

Happiness is all around us but it’s sometimes celebrated more as a memory than when it is happening to you. It’s almost as if we’re trained to see our present woes, but to reflect on past pleasures. Maybe it’s superstition, avoiding the evil eye. What ever the reason, I wan’t to turn that habit on […]

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Advice to share

Two bits of advice from the past have come to mind lately. Thought I’d share them and see what others think. ‘The worse things get, the more you need to laugh.’ ‘Never miss an opportunity to tell people you love them’. A bit of advice I’m giving myself just now, is something I read recently […]

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Half way in, progress report

In Letting Go, I wrote about my first challenge in a year in which I plan to challenge myself again and again. I started small. Challenge 1 is clearing my in boxes of excessive email, more particularly newsletters about things that used to interest me, but no which longer catch my fancy. I’ve been pleased […]

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