For realsies this time (fingers still crossed)

Well it’s October and I now have a stable internet connection.

My fingers may be forever crossed and I may remain superstitious for the entire time I live in this location because I’ve thought things were fixed several times before.

Before you start thinking, ‘She lives in Australia, she must live in the bush or the outback or something’…


  • somewhere out beyond the back of Bourke
  • three Ks beyond the black stump
  • just past Whoop Whoop.


I don’t. I live in what is colloquially called a inner suburb.

I can, on a nice day walk into the city centre. I surely walked home from the city many times when I was younger and didn’t feel like waiting around for the trams to disengage from what ever tangle they were trapped in.

But the unit I live in was built in the 70s. Not that long ago, I know. But pre-internet. So copper wires. Internet via phone cables.

And while the disbanding of the Telstra monopoly has done wonders for prices for phone and now internet connection, the fact that virtually all infrastructure before 2000 was built by Telstra, means that you are never out of their control. When you are not their customer, any infrastructure issues are on very last line of their to-do lists.

Even when you are their customer, you are at the mercy of their contractors. Who don’t always know what they are talking about or care if their work fixes your problem.

Over a year of unstable connections with different providers, another year with Telstra (after all it was their infrastructure) and 10 different technicians telling me the problem was caused by one thing and another. Finally the problem seems to be solved. But if I were superstitious I’d be prepping my lucky charms to keep it that way.


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