Even the smallest harvest is cause for wonder

While people in the north prepare their soil and lick their lips in anticipation of the tomatoes, peaches and other summer delights on the horizon, we in the south are getting ready by planting sturdy, cold weather crops to comfort us in the short dark days and long nights of winter.

A few weeks ago I pulled out all my summer plants. I have a medium sized, L-shaped courtyard. All cement, where I grow veggies in pots. Each year I add a few more pots as I suss out more nooks and crannies that receive good sun and build on my previous year’s experiences.

As I pulled out the tomatoes, zucchini, cucumber, basil and other spent plants, I noticed that my cImage of one tomato and a chilli in a blassheery tomatoes still had a brace or two of green fruits and was continuing to flower.

Could I eke out a few more flavour bombs in the last days of autumn?

I gave that tomato plant a reprieve and slowly one at a time the green orbs are turning red. I treasure each one, eating it fresh off the plant immediately.

I may not ever get anything else planted in that pot for winter. But those last few cheery (in both senses) tomatoes are worth the sacrifice.



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