Letting go, challenge 1 complete

Female angel celebrating successMy first challenge in my Year of Letting Go is complete. I’ve learnt some things about making myself more efficient and reclaiming time in my work and personal days.

I can’t say that every minute I’ve reclaimed has been put to good use in my personal life. Still spend a bit too much time gazing at Pinterest and Failblog and funny cat pictures at home.

But that’s okay. I can build on what I’ve learnt and keep faith with myself by continuing with my challenges for the year knowing that I’ve made progress in something I set out to do.

I’ve also started exploring Google+ where I’m going to have to curb my appetite for more information, more, more, more, so that I don’t find myself back where I started.

Because I’ve found (as many writers have) that there is a very fine, and very permeable line between procrastination and research.

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