April – May Letting Go Challenge

Image of a penMy first challenge in my Year of Letting Go is complete. I’ve learnt some things about making myself more efficient and reclaiming time in my work and personal days.

But that was Feb-March, and it’s now about to be April and it’s time to pick my new letting go challenge.

This exercise in letting go isn’t about doing without

It’s about making better choices about what I do. Getting more personal value from what I do and making a commitment to making the things I say I want to see happen in my life actually happen.

It’s about making space in my life to make my life more mine.

Keeping the happiness happening

For April – May I’m committed to continuing the #100happydays challenge and updating my progress on the 100 Happy Days page here at the blog. I’ve already discovered that recognising something that makes me happy makes it easier to let go of the things that don’t make me ¬†happy (a more positive way of saying I don’t get as upset or frustrated with things that I don’t like).

But a more concrete challenge for April – May is to let go of ¬†procrastination about my writing. Procrastinating doesn’t buy you time, it wastes your time and when you recognise the time you’ve lost, it can bring heartache.

So April – May it’s more blogging and less research about what I could, should, blog about. And a regular chunk of time to nut out a story I’m writing for a Sisters in Crime¬†short story contest. I’ve tried writing a crime novel but got stuck way too early in the plot and threw it away.

This year I have a nice, small, self-contained story that I can populate with some characters I knew way, back when. Characters that when I knew them always made me thing, you’ve got to be joking, you can’t be real. But they were. And with time I can see the humour that might be mined from their basically dastardly deeds.

Plus I get to kill one of them, well I’m not going to kill them, one of the characters will do it. But still, what sweet revenge that will be.

I can’t wait.

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