What are you doing to make things better?

Close up of a bouquet of flowersBetter than what you may ask.

Better than they are right now. Better than you are right now.

We can all get better. We do it naturally sometimes consciously.

We do it automatically with the things that reward us in some way.

It’s the ‘in some way’ that gets us. Because even the things we hate about our lives are often rewarding us ‘in some way’. They are confirming our view of the world. Or keeping us safe in our known rut.

Consciously focusing on what we want to do better, how we get better is another thing.

My focus this year for my mind, body and spirit is to make things better.  I know it won’t be a strictly linear or always forward progress. I won’t be surprised if there are some detours, some wrong turns.

I will make things better. I will get better at recognising what makes me happier, more fulfilled, smarter, more at peace with myself and the world.


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