Happiness, it’s happening

an image asking, can I make it to 100 happy daysI’ve taken the 100 days of happiness challenge and I’ve found that it does make a difference in my day to stop and say this thing made me happy.

I’m not sure if that surprises me or not. According to the experts making an effort to notice what makes you happy does make you happier. I know it’s made me more contented. Or calmer. Or aware that most of the things that make me unhappy (or angry or irritated) are very much first world problems.

It’s also made it easier for me to just take a breath and say (to myself) yeah, that’s shite, and let it pass me by. When I am vexed, it’s taken the heat out of the vexation and frustration.

Now I’ve lost count of how many days in, but I haven’t missed one yet. And for some reason both of those things please me. Not enough to be today’s happy day image. But nice nonetheless.


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