Image asking can I be happy for 100 days

Happiness is all around us but it’s sometimes celebrated more as a memory than when it is happening to you. It’s almost as if we’re trained to see our present woes, but to reflect on past pleasures. Maybe it’s superstition, avoiding the evil eye.

What ever the reason, I wan’t to turn that habit on its head. And I’m starting with a happiness challenge. Not to be happier, although according to 100 Happy Days  that may a surprise bonus.

What is 100 Happy Days

Simple, it’s a challenge to post a picture of something that makes you happy every day for 100 days. It’s all or nothing. You complete the challenge by completing the 100 days, 99 doesn’t cut it.

Why do it?


Happiness is in my headlamps for 2014.

I am generally a positive person (half full, preferably with something cold and cleansing thanks). So it’s not so much about being happier, more about seeing it when I’m standing in it.

I want to be more aware of what makes me happy and boost the happy signal in my life somewhat noisy life. I’d already started reducing the noise (Letting Go) and then a friend (Thank you Berna!) pointed me towards 100 Happy Days.

It’s also way to focus on enjoying now, which is advice for myself  by way of the Happiness Project 


I just liked the idea of challenging myself to capture in a photo something that made me happy every day. It sounded like fun.


Since it’s all or nothing, by committing to the project, I’m testing the strength of my desire (to highlight happiness in my life). Can I stick with it and not let being busy or tired or anything else that is nowhere near as important as my happiness get in the way.

Time will tell.


I won’t clog the blog with my images, but I will create a 100 Happy Days Update page where I will record my progress/ 



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