Half way in, progress report

Challenge #1 Letting Go, Progress Report

Challenge 2014 Letting go

In Letting Go, I wrote about my first challenge in a year in which I plan to challenge myself again and again.

I started small. Challenge 1 is clearing my in boxes of excessive email, more particularly newsletters about things that used to interest me, but no which longer catch my fancy.

I’ve been pleased with my progress so far, I’m well on my way to cutting newsletters by at least half.

A side effect of this mini-project has been an improvement in my mood. This is especially noticeable first thing in the morning when I confront my my work inbox.

I no longer feel myself dreading the task of sifting through a multitude of messages and the guilt I sometimes felt by auto-deleting so many carefully crafted messages. It wasn’t their fault (the messages’ or their authors’ fault) that I wasn’t interested any more.

What have I learnt.

  1. There odd things can make me feel guilty and
  2. a manageable inbox is surprisingly liberating.

I will persevere

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