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Setting time free

Earlier in the year I wrote about resolutions as a way of predicting the future. I also committed to regular posts and a thematic editorial calendar of sorts.

I say ‘of sorts’ because this blog is necessarily more ‘of the moment’ than my other blog (Vagabond Gal).

One month in and I’ve established one thematic grouping ‘Food for’ (Food for the mind, Food for the body, and Food for the Spirit).

Now I’m launching my second theme “Letting Go’.

I was inspired by a post I happened upon in the Zen Habits blog called a ‘Year of Living Without’. You should read it.

The author, Leo Babauta conducted a year-long experiment where he picked something that he did every day, and went without it for one month. He is also reporting on his experiences.

I found his selections fascinating and in combination with another post of his about procrastination, Leo has prompted me to start a second theme, Letting go.

Two things really struck me in his article about procrastination (there is much more there, read it yourself, don’t put it off until tomorrow. Read it now!)

  • You have to recognise that you are procrastinating before you can take action to stop doing it and
  • You have to admit that procrastinating is causing you harm

Those two insights (recognising that you are doing it AND recognising that it’s harmful) really apply to most habits a person might want to break. So I decided to identify some habits and determine if they are causing me harm. After applying these two filters to the habit, I would identify habits I wanted to change.

Hence my new theme: Letting Go

I won’t be as ambitious as Leo was, I’m going to aim to let go of one thing every two months, not one a month. I’m still on training wheels.

Because I’ve just come up with the idea, I don’t have the whole year mapped out, that may be a rationalisation, and I can live with that. It is, after all, my list, my life.

It’s a start, and that’s how journeys progress, one step at a time.

In February I’m letting go of half my email newsletters. I don’t read them all, but they take time to sift through. Many are on topics I once found fascinating. I hold on to them because there’s something of the old me that I don’t want to let go of, but without letting go of the past (that no longer serves my present and future) there’s no room for the new.

Culling begins today. I think I subscribe to around 100 email newsletters on professional topics, and another 50 on personal interests. I will report back in March.

Please comment if you’ve undertaken any similar journeys.

Side note: I picked the illustration when I started writing this post because I thought it illustrated time flying away from the woman. Now that I’ve finished writing the post and thinking more about my intention, I think it represents the woman freeing herself from the tyranny of time. What do you think?


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