Dad’s gone but not forgotten

Picture of author and her father

Dad and me many years ago

Interesting article by Mrs Woog on the Hoopla last week Fatherly Love & Kisses,

Mrs Woog, who like me is an avid people watcher, commented on the difference between current and previous generations of dads.

Unlike Mrs Woog however, my my dad was a touchy feely sort of dad, not that common in his day and age. He was comfortable kissing and hugging his kids, of both genders.

The point of Mrs Woog’s article was how good it was to see dads openly showing affection for their children.

I agree, it can only be good for children to grow up with parents who demonstrate their love for their children physically and emotionally, in words and actions, publicly and privately.

It would be ideal if every child grew up secure in the knowledge that they were loved, cherished really, by their parents.

I know it has contributed to my ability to navigate the ups and downs of life.

So, thank you dad, you’re gone but never forgotten.

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