The most profound advice for lifting your spirit

Jumping man via Mattox

Lift someone else’s spirit to lift your own (Image Mattox via XSC

I can’t over emphasise this enough. This is the most profound advice you will ever receive about lifting your own spirits.

It is not, I must add a remedy for depression. Depression is not being down in the dumps or sad about something that has happened in your world. Depression is something else entirely.

This advice is for those days when you’re not feeling 100%.  When you know you could use a lift.

To lift your own spirits do this one simple thing, raise someone else’s spirit with an act of kindness.

It really is as simple as that. Compliment someone, on their hair, their child’s smile, the cuteness of their dog, their name.

Smile and really mean it when you ask the person serving you at a shop or restaurant, how has your day been, then listen to their response.

Offer to help someone with a heavy parcel or to reach something off the top shelf at the supermarket.

None of these things cost you anything.  None of these things will fix the world’s problems. But you will lift one other person’s spirit and coincidentally yours will be lifted too.




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