The appeal of the apple, Eve was on to something

Australian Apples Rule

A Pink Lady (TM) one of my favourite apples.

Healthy (or healthier) eating has been a focus for me for the past two years. Why is not really relevant, let’s just say it was time.

And because it was time, it felt right and wasn’t that hard to do.

The benefits were obvious, I felt better. I lost weight. I didn’t feel bad when I said ‘No’ to a piece of cake I really didn’t want. And I didn’t feel bad when I said yes to a piece of cake I did want.

Previously I often said that I really enjoyed eating fruit but I never consciously chose to buy it. But when it was offered, I always enjoyed it.

So I rarely ate my recommended quota of fresh fruit. I never had trouble getting my veggies. Every meal except breakfast usually featured a couple of veggies of varying colour and I usually had one or two vegetarian days a week.

But getting my fruit remained a problem for me. Until to get rid of some excess weight I joined Weight Watchers (no don’t worry, this isn’t a promotion for Weight Watchers).  The brilliant thing about their program recent programs is that most fruits and vegetables are what I call ‘free’. No you can’t gorge on bananas or potatoes, you still have to exercise some self-awareness and recognise when you are full and know when to stop.

But for once, fruit became a guilt free treat. And that led me to eating more fruit.  My background as a food journalist made it easy for me to know what was and wasn’t in season.

I discovered that it’s true that it takes a couple of weeks to develop a new habit (reaching for a piece of fruit instead of a biscuit or a chocolate) and that once you develop a new habit it’s hard to remember that you ever did things differently.

Now my shopping list always starts with fruit in season. I bring a selection of fruit to work with me each Monday and I always have fruit available for a morning or afternoon snack.

I’m lucky apples are one of my favourite fruits and they are available almost year round. However in the summer time, a nice slice of watermelon is divine.

Fruit in season tastes best

Fresh, cold, juicy watermelon perfect on a hot summer’s day

What I also discovered is that by focusing on healthier eating, not dieting, I haven’t been looking into the future counting the days until I can go back to the old way of eating.

It’s not a diet, it’s a way of life. Healthier eating, healthier and happier life.



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