Refresh, renew, in small, bite-sized installments

I’m dedicating my year to refreshment

So day three of my holiday and I’m sticking to my agenda. It’s only a four point agenda, but I’m okay with that.

I mentioned already that this holiday is about refreshing, myself and my life.

And so it seemed that refreshment in all its meanings would be a good year long theme for this Mind-Body-Spirit Journey blog.

Setting some topic themes is one of my new year’s predictions (AKA resolutions).

For this blog, I’ve decided on a rotating list, taking as my inspiration the theme of my current holidays, refreshment.

  • Food* for the mind;
  • Food* for the body;
  • Food* for the spirit;

which I hope will nourish you and me in our mind-body-spirit journeys.

*… any nutritious** substance … absorbed in order to maintain life and growth.

**…nourishing, good for one, healthy, health-giving, healthful, beneficial, sustaining, strengthening;

My plan to post, on a rotating basis, on these topic themes each week.

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