Today, tomorrow and the next day

Nothing beats the taste of a home grown tomatoe

Enjoying home grown tomatoes, one of the pleasures of summer

Today is the second day of  three weeks of annual leave. It’s been a while since I’ve had more than a week off, so I’ve been anticipating it for a while.

The first question people ask though, is ‘Are you going away?’.

Well, yes I’m going away from work. But I’m not leaving home. The purpose of this holiday is to refresh myself and my life. I’m perfectly happy doing that from home.

It doesn’t hurt that my neighbours are professional concert musicians and I can enjoy their practising in the late morning and early afternoon if I so choose.

Also in my favour is my location, I can pretty much get to anything I like to see or do with a short ride on public transport.

Getting my topics set for my blogs and digging in to my personal writing are numbers One and Two on my agenda.

Going for a long walk every day is number Three.

Number Four on the holiday agenda, enjoying the fruits of my home garden. More about my home gardening experiences in future posts. But I have had more luck this year than last. And I’m watching some tomatoes getting red before my eyes. Here’s hoping that I get to them just in time. The birds seem to be waiting until I they get red and rosy too.

If that’s all I get done over the three weeks, I will be happy.

PS I’m lucky, I live in the lucky country and although I’m taking three weeks of leave, I still have more leave available. So when I do want to go ‘away’ I will.

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