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The most profound advice for lifting your spirit

I can’t over emphasise this enough. This is the most profound advice you will ever receive about lifting your own spirits. It is not, I must add a remedy for depression. Depression is not being down in the dumps or sad about something that has happened in your world. Depression is something else entirely. This […]

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The appeal of the apple, Eve was on to something

Healthy (or healthier) eating has been a focus for me for the past two years. Why is not really relevant, let’s just say it was time. And because it was time, it felt right and wasn’t that hard to do. The benefits were obvious, I felt better. I lost weight. I didn’t feel bad when […]

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Food for the journey

So day three of my holiday and I’m sticking to my agenda. It’s only a four point agenda, but I’m okay with that. I mentioned already that this holiday is about refreshing, myself and my life. And so it seemed that refreshment in all its meanings would be a good year long theme for this […]

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Today, tomorrow and the next day

Today is the second day of ¬†three weeks of annual leave. It’s been a while since I’ve had more than a week off, so I’ve been anticipating it for a while. The first question people ask though, is ‘Are you going away?’. Well, yes I’m going away from work. But I’m not leaving home. The […]

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Can the future be predicted?

That’s sort of what new year’s resolutions are, predictions. Predictions about what you want to do in the brand new year and sometimes predictions about how you are going (or want) to achieve your goals. You can choose to make them come true or you can choose to reject them. So what are my predictions […]

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