There’s an interesting conversation going on at Good, about Fighting the Food Waste in Your Own Fridge

I find it fascinating and inspiring because it’s something that almost anyone can do. And you can recycle your savings by donating the amount you save to a local food bank or your favourite hunger fighting charity.

Here are some of the habits I’ve developed to help fight waste in my own fridge.

  • Plan and observe a leftover day every week (commit to using leftovers, not throwing them away)
  • Consult your fridge and pantry before you go to the green grocer/butcher/supermarket
  • Use a mobile app to keep track of what is in your pantry and when it expires (so you can use staples up before they go off)
  • Put a white board on the front of your fridge to keep track of what’s in there, with stars next to the most perishable so you don’t forget those beautiful vegetables you couldn’t resist.
  • Put one (or more) servings of soup, stew, casserole (any large quantity recipe) straight into the freezer (label it with date and what it is) use these for lunch or when you’re too tired to cook instead of getting take-away.
  • Compost true waste to use in my little veggie garden.

This approach isn’t quite a free lunch, but you can make a difference and contribute to the global fight against hunger without spending any more than you are right now.

That sounds pretty good to me.

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