Support current affairs not dodgy attention getting

I wrote challenging news and current affairs outlets to focus on real issues, my old blog in June. Here’s the link if you want to read it Make a real difference, not an attention getting splash.

My concern still holds if anything it gets more serious month by month. The mainstream media holdout many excuses, time and money constraints among them. But quality programming, balanced, in depth reporting can be done. And if the ABC and SBS and public broadcasters all over the world can do it, why can’t commercial programmes like A Current Affair and Today Tonight (in Australia) and schlock current affairs programmes in other countries do it.

In my view they don’t do it because they know the product the station is selling (viewers, not the advertised products) comes in droves to get up in arms about some petty squabble between neighbours or the ever popular shonky (insert industry) repair service. This type of story gets repeated over and over again.

So vote with your eyes. Support public broadcasting and in Australia the ABC and SBS.

And yes, I deliberately left out links to the commercial programmes I’ve cited. They don’t need any more traffic.

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