Satisfaction guaranteed, one pot at a time

I was reading Courtney Leeds’ article about gardening and schools on Good this morning.

Cucumbers this year

Cuke # 2 is almost ready

I know most Victorian schools have a little patch of green for kids to learn a bit about where food comes from and to get their hands dirty growing something they can eat. From one window at work I can see a child care centre with a great mix of growing areas for the littlies.

But it’s not just good for kids, although it’s very important to get people interested in growing as early as possible. Everyone benefits from growing a little something.

Everyone should have a little bit of green. It doesn’t have to be huge, it can be on a balcony or a window sill. If you don’t have a balcony or a window sill capable of growing a little something look for a community plot. Look and see what organisations like Greening of Detroit are doing not just greening but growing jobs and community and support or create something like where you live.

Or lobby the body corporate or home owners’ association to dedicate a little bit of the common ground to growing something tasty.

Or get involved with your local eco group to lobby for community space to be dedicated to community growing initiatives. ┬áIf you’re in Australia check out what’s been happening in Costa’s Community Verge Project.

It doesn’t have to be a full green grocer’s variety of fruits and veg. A few herbs. A couple of tomato plants. It adds to your life.

I know this from experience. I’ve always wanted a veggie patch. Nothing big. I tried a couple of times when I was younger but my efforts fell by the wayside.

Then I moved to Australia and was always away in December and January the prime harvesting time.

Two years ago that changed so for my first growing season in country I planted a few pots with tomatoes, cucumber, zucchini, chillies and some herbs.

It wasn’t a fabulous success. I had some luck with the tomatoes. Less so with everything else (especially dismal results with the cucumbers).

Zucchini almost ready to eat

Almost time to harvest my first zucchini of 2013

Not to be discouraged, this year I doubled the number of pots. Planted more tomatoes, had a second go with cucumbers, zucchini, chillies and herbs. Already I’ve had one home grown cucumber and and have my eye on a couple more on their way. The zucchini are already in sight. So this year is already an improvement from last year.

All the tomato plants are blossoming and I’ve even spotted a few nascent fruit on the early varieties.

Will I ever become a champion gardener. Never in a thousand years. Will I enjoy my home grown produce, most definitely. There is such satisfaction in consuming the fruits of my labour and in the labour itself.

That sort of satisfaction is absent is a lot of modern life. But it’s possible to generate a little bit of it in our lives.




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