Refreshing, inexpensive and did I mention refreshing?

Iced tea

Refreshing iced tea a summer time treat

In spring I wrote here about how as the weather grows warmer I always drink more tea and less coffee.

Now that summer is in full swing in Melbourne I’m delighting in the refreshing properties of tea. Hot tea and cold. And my new favourite strong herbal tea mixed half and half with soda water. T2’s Pumping Pomegranate, Twinings¬†Lemon & Ginger and Cranberry & Pomegranate are some of my current favourites.

Here’s how I make it, brew double strength tea (I use the sun tea method for a more mellow brew).

Refrigerate the lot. Then when you want a drink, fill half your glass with cold soda water and half with the double strength tea.


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