100 Happy Days Updates


an image asking, can I make it to 100 happy days


Days 1-10 of my 100 Happy Days

 A picture of my cat PupPup

Day 1’s happiness had to be my Puppup, because she fills my life with laughter. 
 A pic of my ruby red tea glass Day 2 was my ruby red glass, a gift from a friend that never fails to bring a smile to my face.
 A picture of a hot cross bun Day 3 and I am happy about Nutella hot cross buns (and happy that I didn’t give up chocolate (or anything else for that matter) for Lent.)
 Image of a sign showing feed me is coming soon Day 4 and I am happy that Feed Me is coming to my neighbourhood. Great salads, soups and spuds and closer that the fish and ship shop and the pizza place. Conservatively half a block from my front door.
 funny sign advertising massive wieners at hotdog shop Day 5 This sign made me and most of my friends laugh out loud. And that made me happy.
 A picture of my home made pickles Day 6 and my home made pickles made me happy in anticipation of eating their garlicky goodness in a couple of weeks.

A picture of a blooming crepe myrtle

 Day 7 The crepe myrtles outside my work are blooming and the colour is glorious.
 Image from 2014 Closing the Gap Day Day 8 is Closing the Gap Day and I am happy my community is committed to closing the gap in one generation.
 Picture of a bumper sticker Racism it ends with me Day 9 is Harmony Day and I’m loving the slogan “Racism it stops with me”. It highlights our individual responsibility for ending racism. Each and everyone of us has the responsibility to stop racism when we see it, hear it.
 Image of a dinner plate sized hibiscus blossum Day 10 is brightened by this dinner plate sized hibiscus blossom in a garden near my house.





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