For realsies this time (fingers still crossed)

Well it’s October and I now have a stable internet connection. My fingers may be forever crossed and I may remain superstitious for the entire time I live in this location because I’ve thought things were fixed several times before. Before you start thinking, ‘She lives in Australia, she must live in the bush or […]

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I’m back….

No, I’m not turning into a nightmare inducing horror film, I’m just happy that I finally (cross fingers, knock on wood, rub rabbit’s foot) have stable Internet connection. So I’m back to writing here on this and my other blogs. I’d like to say that my time with intermittent (at best) Internet access was spent […]

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Doing and not doing (a meditation)

What have I been doing, well I went on a longish trip and got totally out of the blogging spirit.That combined with a terrible run of Internet connection issues (ongoing, ugh) has made it very difficult to get back into the swing of things. But new years bring new beginnings. I learned a lot on […]

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Even the smallest harvest is cause for wonder

While people in the north prepare their soil and lick their lips in anticipation of the tomatoes, peaches and other summer delights on the horizon, we in the south are getting ready by planting sturdy, cold weather crops to comfort us in the short dark days and long nights of winter. A few weeks ago […]

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Those who can…can

No, this isn’t going to be about dancing the CanCan, but a reflection on the old saying, ‘Those who can, do. Those who can’t teach….or its many variations. First, teaching should never be disparaged. It’s a noble profession and teachers are the unsung heroes of many lives. My thoughts were sparked by a statement in […]

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Oh for the simple life

On two occasions in my recent past I have had to life out of a suitcase for an extended period of time. Not fun, I’m on a holiday living out of a suitcase. Falling and breaking my ankle and leg so badly that I was disabled and was not allowed to live on my own. […]

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April: Letting go update

Well April is almost over and I’ve not done as much writing as I had planned, so from that perspective, it’s not been a good month. One of the ways that writers procrastinate is by thinking through their stories, and imagining they have made progress. At least that’s one of the ways this writer procrastinates. […]

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April – May Letting Go Challenge

My first challenge in my Year of Letting Go is complete. I’ve learnt some things about making myself more efficient and reclaiming time in my work and personal days. But that was Feb-March, and it’s now about to be April and it’s time to pick my new letting go challenge. This exercise in letting go […]

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Letting go, challenge 1 complete

My first challenge in my Year of Letting Go is complete. I’ve learnt some things about making myself more efficient and reclaiming time in my work and personal days. I can’t say that every minute I’ve reclaimed has been put to good use in my personal life. Still spend a bit too much time gazing […]

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Happiness, it’s happening

I’ve taken the 100 days of happiness challenge and I’ve found that it does make a difference in my day to stop and say this thing made me happy. I’m not sure if that surprises me or not. According to the experts making an effort to notice what makes you happy does make you happier. […]

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